The Meekermark | Erin + Jared | Magnolia, Texas

2 years ago we envisioned an amazing wedding venue built around a 200 year old barn imported from Canada. We dreamed of the amazing photos that could be created if the outdoor open-air chapel were positioned just right so that all the romantic photos were backlit with the setting sun behind the tall pine trees located to the west. The shots that all professional photographers dream about. We rehearsed over and over in our heads how the day would go, and where all the perfect spots would be to stop to get the best shots all while creating the perfect walk-in-the-park experience. We were so excited (and a little scared) and we knew that somewhere there was the perfect couple that would be the first to commit to get married at The Meekermark. With nothing but a slab and the bare frame timbers standing, it was Erin and Jared that were the first to share the excitement of this vision and book The Meekermark for their wedding. The weather did not disappoint and it was an absolutely amazing fall day in Magnolia, Texas. Congratulations to Erin and Jared and thank you for your trust in us. From all of us at The Meekermark and Meeker Pictures, we love you.

Mark, Christine, Amanda & Summer.
The Meekermark and Meeker Pictures team.

Mark Meeker