The Farmhouse | Kaitlyn + David | Meeker Pictures | Montgomery County Tx |

This wedding was a particulary special one. Since high school dance team (Shoutout Austin Angels class of 2006) Kaitlyn and I have been best friends. Although adult life and big girl things have not allowed us to see each other all day everyday, I love that I can always count on your unwavering friendship. You are loyal and dependable and most of all you are FUN. These past few months have been such a blessing. I am grateful that I could be your wedding guru go-to when decisions got tough, I feel like I got a sneak peek to the wedding and that will always be the biggest blessing to me. I am proud of you beyond words. You continue to inspire me as a friend and a strong woman. David, you said it best in an email to the MOH years ago; You are important to Kaitlyn, and Kaitlyn is important to me, therefor you and your marriage to Kaitlyn are important to me.

Wed and Prosper, you guys did an amazing job with the planning, coordinating and design and The Farmhousewas beautiful as always.  Wonderful job everyone.


Sincerely, Ama(Amanda)

and also Mark, Christine, and Luke
Your Meeker Pictures photography team.

Mark Meeker